The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) 


What is the CCPA?


The California Consumer Privacy Act or CCPA is a newly adopted (effective January 1st, 2020)  law that applies to California residents as well as California based companies. Anyone who deals with the Personally Identifiable Information of a resident of California is bound by these new rules to take sufficient action to ensure that their data is protected and is not sold to any third party without the express permission of the person whose data it is.


What is Personally Identifiable Information?


Personally Identifiable Information (or personal data) is any information alone or in conjunction with other information that can be used to identify a person.  This information includes birthdates, addresses, email addresses, financial information, usernames, IP addresses, etc.


WebHosting Hub and CCPA Compliance


As a California based company with access to personally identifiable information for our customers, we will be complying with the CCPA.  While technically this law only applies to the personally identifiable information of California residents, we will be treating ALL customer data with the same care.  


As a result, you may see some changes to our website.  These changes include:


A redesign of our Privacy Policy page 

A new page entitled “Do Not Sell My Personal Information”


NOTE:  Web Hosting Hub does not and has not ever sold personally identifiable information to third parties nor do we intend on starting to do so.  Regardless of this fact, since we do deal with personally identifiable information, we are required by the CCPA to still provide a place for customers to indicate that they do not want their information sold.


Customer Rights


Under the CCPA, California residents have several rights regarding their personal data.  Here is a list and a brief explanation of each:


  • Right to notice – Customers must be notified at or before the point of collection of any personal data that we are collecting.
  • Right to access – We must disclose what kind of data we are collecting, why we are collecting it, and who we are sharing it with.  Additionally, the customer can request we provide them with ALL data we have collected on them.
  • Right to opt out (or right to opt in) – Customer has the right to opt out (or in) to their data being sold to a third party.
  • Right to request deletion – Much like the GDPR’s right to be forgotten, if a customer no longer has an active account with us, they may request that all personally identifiable data be deleted.
  • Right to equal services and prices – Customer cannot be penalized with higher prices or limitations to their services as a result of them exercising any of their CCPA rights.


More Information


If you have any other questions regarding the CCPA and Web Hosting Hub, you may email


You can also view our Privacy Policy and how it relates to the CCPA here.